Plasticom s.a.r.l. provides packaging solutions for the food industry in Lebanon and the Middle East:
- Halawa and Tahina boxes
- Dairy products containers
- Vegetable Oil gallons

We serve the chemical industry by providing packaging solutions for:
- Detergents
- Shampoos
- Laboratory substances

We also produce housewares and kitchenwares that suits our customers' needs.

At Plasticom, we place safety at the top of our supply chain process. All raw material used are food grade plastic that has excellent chemical resistant properties making it suitable for a wide range of foods and other products.
Our top management and every member in the company is fully responsible in achieving high quality products that adhere to the specifications of our clients.
At Plasticom, we are proud to have competitive storage ability due to our big warehouse space. Since customers expect fast deliveries, On Time Delivery is an essential part of our customer service.